Humble Pie

I’m stating the obvious that I haven’t posted an entry in a couple of weeks – thus, the title, “Humble Pie.”

Several entries ago I waxed rather eloquently (or so I think) about the benefits of being a critically self-reflective teacher.  I don’t just believe it’s true, I know it.  Of course it’s a whole lot easier to be critically self-reflective during the summer months or over a seasonal break, or (sometimes) with fewer students in a class, or when the curriculum hasn’t changed in a couple of years allowing me to fine tune rather than be in a constant state of from-scracth lesson creation.  There are many other factors I could cite representing situations that might have made it more possible for teachers me to reflect on my teaching, my interactions with my students, and my students…the point is, it’s hard to be self-reflective when it feels there is barely enough time to plan lessons, differentiate instruction, manage student records, manage student data, research and incorporate best practices, learn and incorporate technology skills into lessons.  And living a life beyond the classroom?!?

About the only thing I have done lately that even comes close to the category of self-refletion is mentally berating myself for not having posted the weekly reflections I committed to – and that’s counter productive.  Thus, why I finally decided that if I wrote about not being reflective maybe – just maybe – admitting to the difficulty and challenge of self-reflection might in and of itself become a reflection.  And a very transparent one, at that.

Thanks for reading,