The reason I’m starting this blog

I’m starting this blog to:

  • reflect on my inner self in the classroom and in the world.
  • challenge assumptions – mine and others – about how learning happens and about classroom as a fixed space.
  • to experience the role of teacher and learner as more than separate and fixed, but as something inseparable and fluid.

I was inspired to create this space for myself after attending a retreat, “Re-imagining Education and the Craft of Teaching and Learning” hosted by the California Krishnamurti Foundation in July 2015.

This blog is dedicated to:

  • The memory of Chef John Joyce, Johnson County Community College.  A mentor whose heart was as vast as his artistry.
  • In gratitude to Dr. Judy Levin, (retired)Creighton University.  Even though writing is at the foundation of your teachings about life-story, nothing written can fully express my gratitude and love for you.


Thanks for reading!


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Diane Mora

I am a writer (poetry, memoir, creative nonfiction, blogging) and teacher currently living in the Kansas CIty metropolitan area. A National Writer’s Project Writing Teacher Consultant, my method developing writing skills through the lens of personal narrative with low literate students has been highly effective with adults and secondary students who are migrants or refugees to the U.S. I have given many workshops about my methods to educators across Missouri and will be presenting my techniques to educators in Spain in September 2016. In addition to pencil-paper writing, I have also successfully integrated the use of digital writing tools such as digital storyboards into my practice. “I believe it’s not enough to simply tell our life stories. It’s important to also share a nugget of wisdom in our writing that might inspire or empower the reader as well as the writer. The concluding paragraph in every writer’s essay contains a “wisdom statement” that is based on something the writer has gleaned from his or her experience of living and now wants to share with others. When students are encouraged to think of their life experience as a learning experience, sharing this wisdom provides a sense of purpose that is highly motivating.” -- Diane Mora I can be reached at: Linked In: Diane Mora Twitter: @classroomwithin Blog: Full resume and references available upon request.

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